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In a world of continually weirder collaborations, this one isn't all that weird tbh. But it is happening and it kind of makes sense. Mr. Porter routinely sells absurdly expensive clothes. COS has more affordable clothes that retain the minimal and Scandinavian coolness of the brand. So why not distill the taste level of Mr. Porter down to COS-level pricepoints? I think that's something we can all firmly get behind. The COS x Mr. Porter 23-piece collection is made for the "modern traveler," which is basically that dude you follow on Instagram who doesn't seem to have an actual job and just endlessly pops off 'grams from the various airports he's in and uses the airport codes and plane emojis to denote that he is, in fact, actually traveling. I fucking hate that guy. The collection is built of lightweight, easy to wear gear and will be available online at Mr. Porter and in select COS stores this Thursday, May 7th. So, go ahead, dress like that guy you hate.