On paper, English is the most swagless looking language. Asia, on the other hand, has some very aesthetically pleasing languages, which is why clothing companies love to co-opt them for their garments like this Bianca Chandon windbreaker done in collaboration with Ebbets Field Flannels. I mean, just look at how dope this shit is. I'm not going to say for certain I know what language it is, but it looks like Japanese Kanji. Of course, the hazard you run into when you plaster a foreign language all over yourself is having this happen. If you are unsure what it says, you need to consult the services of someone well-versed in foreign languages before you cop. Like, you should have a interpreter on retainer and consult them anytime you come across a foreign phrase you're unaware of on a coppable jawn. Though, we're fairly certain this just says "Bianca Chandon," as it should.