Nomad just got a whole grip of Tim Coppens S/S 15, so you already know I'll be spending my entire weekend looking over the selection to see what I'll blow a little bit too much money on, while simultaneously saving money by staying inside my apartment and not eating anything. That's a little thing called multitasking, my friends. This MA-1 varsity bomber jacket thing really caught my eye. It's got that ill fabric mixture (what fashion people call "mixed media") going on between the cotton/linen blend of the body to keep things light and airy, plus the windbreaker-like material at the hem and sleeves. You could probably get active in this thing if it came down to it, but you would obviously want to avoid such situations. But, goddamn, forearm sleeve pockets are the truth and Timmy has that detail on lock. Don't you other weak ass designers try to infringe on the pocket territory that he's has carved out. I bet he'd be cool about it if you did though.