Thom Browne is the fucking man. I'm pretty sure we've said that before. Evidently, GQ agrees, as they spoke with the tiny suit maestro for its "Suit Week" initiative. The interview traces the TB look through its various avenues—the cropped jacket and pants, the grosgrain detailing, the English-made footwear—and how he does his insane and theatrical fashion week shows. Perhaps the most important revelation is that Browne doesn't believe cropped pants are a core tenet of the TB look. Though I disagree with him, he provides some reasoning and expounds on the fact that there's no real deeper "meaning" to it. He also doesn't believe many people can pull it off:

Everybody gets so fixated and scared about the shorter length, but we have so many customers who wear [their pants] to the shoe. At the beginning it was a conscious decision to really make people notice. But, I mean, if I had a dollar for everybody that asked the question, "Why?" There's not a good reason why, other than that's how I wanted to wear it. ... You know, it's been ten years now, and people still think that it's brand new. I have people in this building that come up to me and say, "Wow, is that the new style?" And I say, "I guess you can say it's the new style, yeah." And they say, "Yeah, I don't know if I could wear that." I'm like, "No, you probably couldn't." [Laughs.]

Thom, my friend, the cropped trousers look has become a commandment of the Thom Browne religion. And you are its lord and savior. So while I'd rather you own that shit, whatever you say does go. I just hope I'm blessed to pull off the look as you, god, deem it fit.

[Photo via Circle Photo]