The History of the Fade

The fade could very well be the most timeless men's hairstyle of all time.

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What began in the ‘50s as a standard hairstyle for cadets enlisting in the military has evolved into a go-to look for today’s generation of men. The minimalist barber style that brings the hair down all the way to skin level has been reinterpreted various different ways over time, with guys putting their own modern twist on the classic haircut. There’s one thing, however, that links together every type of fade: a talented barber. To perfectly blend the fade without leaving behind any definitive lines, a barber needs a skilled, steady hand with a knack for precision. As part of its newly launched “Bevel Classics” series, the folks over at Bevel take a look back at the history of the popular hairstyle, giving a breakdown of the more notable types of fades—from the taper to the high top and everything in between.


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