Look, I know we've already covered LONGJOURNEY F/W 15. I get it. But that was the "pop a few 'Grams with the quickness for the people" version of things. Listen, you desperately don't want to be that guy causing problems in the showroom, asking to take photos of every single item. If you don't know that guy, you are that guy. So, every time I'm out here sniping upcoming collections, my philosophy is to focus solely on the certified bangers and then get the fuck out of there. Which brings us to LONGJOURNEY being so kind as to send over their official F/W 15 lookbook. It's almost like when you have a professional photographer shooting garments they look way better or something. You can see all the details and waxy finishes the brand used this season as well as the patched-together construction throughout. F/W 15 really does look incredible when styled together. It's hard to beat seeing the clothes on an actual person. That's what I say (everyone else also says this). On a related note, I was going to attempt to grow my hair out and be all wavy like this dude with this extremely flowing locks, but I got sick of the in-between phase and had to get it cut. It's very evident that the longer your hair, the easier it is to wear extremely well-crafted and interesting clothing. I guess I was shortsighted in that respect.