Most of you have already spent all day dissecting the Kanye West T Magazine profile. You've read and re-read the quotes. You tweeted the best bits. You looked at each picture and thought to yourself, "I NEED TO LOOK LIKE KANYE."

Perhaps you clocked the studio shot in the behind-the-scenes video, the one where Kanye's wearing a sweatshirt with a big ass typographical print. You didn't recognize it. BECAUSE YOU AREN'T KANYE AND AREN'T CONVERSANT IN EMERGING FASHIONS (yet). You knew it wasn't A.P.C./Raf/Haider/etc., but where to cop???

Here's how: Go to Sangbleu dot club.

Founded by Maxime Buchi in 2005, Sang Bleu began as a magazine before spawning a burgeoning clothing line, gallery/tattoo shop in London and, yes, that .club website. Buchi tattoos and does type design. He's from Switzerland originally. He likes MC Eiht records and recently added a few roman numerals to Ye's arm. Now you know.