Early last year, Jon Moy wrote a very in-depth and personal essay about Detroit-based company Shinola. It has since gone on to become the most commented post in Four Pins history. It was picked up by just about every Detroit-related publication and received a ton of deserved attention, pushing the critically conversation re: Shinola's apparent profiteering off of a city in distress. To say it created waves is an understatement.

Well, Jon Moy was at it again, rabble-rousing and providing genuine, thoughtful criticism of the company as CBS News Sunday Morning just did a short video segment on Shinola, highlighting its efforts to make Detroit home and provide jobs for its residents. So, in case you missed Moy and his beard's national television debut yesterday, we have the full video here for your enjoyment. Complete with a Four Pins namedrop, spoken like any true, middle-aged white man would—the emphasis on the "PINS"—Moy maintains that Shinola's marketing materials are a bit heavy-handed to say the least. He goes so far as to say it's all quite "problematic" for a company that claims it's championing an economically crippled city while peddling blatantly overpriced watches and bikes. Three cheers for Moy speaking his mind and furthering both his personal and the Four Pins brand in the process. Gotta love that dude. What a fucking legend.

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