Fast Company continues to bang out quick history videos about iconic fashion brands that give you the insight you want to know, but are too lazy to actually find on the Internet for yourself. It's super convenient for flexing your knowledge in social settings around fellow, like-minded nerds. In the past, it's highlighted the likes of Levi's and Gap, but for its most recent effort, it went a little more high-end with Calvin Klein.

The New York designer—who is responsible for Mark Wahlberg sagging his pants to show off his undies in the '90s and now Justin Bieber doing pretty much the same thing in 2015—got his start by complete accident after a buyer got off the elevator on the wrong floor and ordered $50,00 worth of merchandise. I mean, fuck, is there a more legendary origin story in fashion? Though, I personally remember Calvin Klein most for his brief Seinfeld cameo to judge Kramer as a male model. Today, CK is an enormous brand that's had its ups and downs, along with a bit of controversy, so what better company to follow through its sexy history? After a controversial Brooke Shields commercial, CK moved into the scandalous ads it has become known for and established both its jeans and underwear as juggernauts. Even though many publishers wouldn't run the ads, the brand sold out everywhere. Between his checking into rehab for drug abuse, Kate Moss repping his fragrances and now more than $7 billion in sales, Calvin Klein is both an icon and a constant reminder that sex sells.

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