Your look says a lot about you. Yes, this is one of the oldest, cheesiest mantras having to do with style, but it’s been pounded into fashion’s existence over all of these years for a reason. The truth is that your “look” has multiple factors directly tied to what you’re wearing that are just important when you’re trying to make a first impression or look the part of the earthly role that you are trying to play.

Being comfortable in what you wear is an experiential quality that one shouldn’t hope for, but rather expect. The way you are perceived, style-wise, is directly correlated to the comfort you feel in the clothes that you wear. So, even in the most formal of situations, comfort is still extremely important to make sure you are exuding confidence, which is much easier to do when you aren’t in pain or itchy or worried about something being too tight or too loose. “Class” is a level of style that you can achieve through what you wear and how you wear it, but its all for naught if you don’t feel good in it. Don’t compromise on that—make sure your stylish essentials are the perfect blend of comfort and class.