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Man, wearable tech usually feels destined to turn into supreme nerd shit like Google Glass, but sometimes it comes in elegant packages. Take, for example, Issey Miyake's pleated clothing dubbed "Homme Plissé." It's crease-resistant, which feels like a misnomer because isn't this creased as it is? Like, there are literally hundreds of creases across these pieces of clothing. Whatever though. Also of note is the fact that it's made of quick-drying material. When the temperature rises in the summer summer, all the fashion guys are always like, "Hey, wear linen. It'll keep you cool." But linen can be kind of beat and if you're really trying to stay cool, I feel like this is the way to go. Apparently, each shirt has roughly 242 pleats and weighs 235 grams, which is about eight ounces. Yeah, incredibly lightweight. You can even watch this super intense video of dudes jumping around in the gear and doing parkour over furniture, showing you just how useful and performance-enhancing it is. Some of it actually looks pretty cool and these product shots don't seem to do it justice. Either way, go ahead and get active in clothes that will immediately dry your sweat so you can still wear them dinner.