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You want a flannel, but you don't want to look like you just stepped out of a urban lumberjack spread from the latest issue of Esquire. We know that feel. We've all been there before. You also don't want to buy any bastardized version from the cheap spots because they're made of paper and don't feel like shelling out $250+ for runway flannel because it's just a fucking flannel. Well, the lords at Gioventu New York understand your predicament and are here to solve it for you with their latest drop. In person, these things are pretty much perfect. They're soft and thick, but not too hefty and come complete with the details you and I both want: a two-way RiRi zipper front, thin, matte black buttons on the collar and sleeves, and a nicely sized side vent. It also has a straight hem rather than a curved one for interesting layering possibilities. What's that? Buffalo plaid is fucking played? Yeah, we know, fam. That's why Gioventu is offering four colorways, none of which are basic. Also, peep the attention to detail on the pattern-matching. Goddamn, son. Do you even realize how much patience that takes. I mean, probably not. Without your Adderall you're fucking worthless. Anyhow, these are available right now, ship next week and clock in under that crucial $200 pricepoint. Also included here is a sneak peek at their reconstructed Essex tee in godly soft cotton that drops next month. No worries, we'll remind you when those finally come around too.