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Brain Dead is a relatively new brand that draws inspiration from the art and skate world to create some graphic gear. 

The latest drop from the self-proclaimed artist collective includes T-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies with a variety of bold graphics. The range of clothing features vivid, subversive imagery, like the pixilated face of Bela Lugosi, who played the original Dracula, and a yin-yang-eyed German Shepard. Many of the brand's T-shirts come with a political edge, such as the Too Much Pressure tee, which features a figure pinning someone down, or another with a drawing of a turtle that's saying, "And in the news today, the world situation looks pretty BRAIN DEAD folks..." 

Brain Dead is rising quickly in the skate world and recently collaborated with one of New York City's coolest stores, Nepenthes, on a set of decks

The collection will be available at select retailers, including Union and Kinfolk, and is online at Commonwealth and Doomsday now.