We spend so much time eviscerating the outfits of stateside NBA players, we forget that there's an equally large group of athletes with even more money and less style across the pond. Exhibit A is this group of Barcelona players who celebrated their win over Real Madrid in El Clasico by rocking the most offensive outfits money can buy. 

The photograph reads like a rulebook of style do and don'ts. Adriano Correia shows you how much of a douchebag you actually look like when you think you're pulling off colored trousers. Dani Alves' gaudy outfit made up of a pair of gold sneakers, a gold studded belt, and peak lapel jacket is proof that athletes are better off throwing their millions into a dumpster fire than spending it on clothes. Plus, Alves' and Neymar are rocking the type of prescription-style glasses that world-class athletes have absolutely no use for. Meanwhile, Lionel Messi looks like just came from a boring 9 to 5 office desk job. 

They may have won the game, but these dudes are getting a beating on social media. 

[via Rafinha Alcantara on Twitter]