Look at how conceptual and artsy this Universal Works lookbook is. It's like I just stepped into the MoMA or something, even though this feels more post-modern than simply modern. Just kidding. I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to official art terms. But if you're in the casual work blazer/overshirt squad, this shit is probably like porn for you. There are so many work blazers! I assume that if you're in the market for multiple work blazers, you contribute a few hours a week at the nearest botanical garden, breathing in non-recycled air and helping re-pot the perennials that come back every year. The gear and the setting of this lookbook are basically polar opposites of one another, which makes me enjoy this even more. You ever have those moments when you see something totally unexpected? Like, a super old dude at a rap show or something and you just enjoy the dichotomy of the situation. I love that shit. For real though, Universal Works S/S 15 is basically the perfect "urban gardener" collection for the slightly warmer months. Get some wide-leg pants, lightweight jackets and some plimsolls and you're ready to tell people the difference between impressionism and pointillism or loam and fertilizer.