There are so many fucking Levi's lines to keep track of that most of the time we don't bother trying and then just forget about them, only to realize we should come back and post about said lines because, most of the time, they're pretty dope. A message to any Levi's PR person who may or may not be reading this: Slide into our emails when the new lookbook drops. We aren't that wack. Anyway, this is LVC S/S 15 and it's like senseless Jets vs. Sharks violence all over again. Too soon? There's actually sort of a story in this where one of the mean dudes in the black leather jackets wants to beat up the dude in the bowling shirt because he is the OG Mr. Steal Your Girl. They almost fight—because guys like this never actually end up fighting, do they?—and bond over the fact that bowling is fucking tight. That's what I get from it at least. Side note: Bowling is sick. My college roommate was a high school state champion bowler and taught us all the tricks of the trade, so now on the rare occasion that I get to bowl, I get to bust down, like, a 180, which isn't that good, but better than most of you bumper ass basics. If you want to look like a sweet bowler, Big Lebowski-style, this is your shit. Mark it eight, Dude.