Tired of the same bar scene night after night, but not sure where else to spend your precious weekend time?

If you have the luxury of an apartment that can hold more than three people at a time, you might consider setting up a fully-stocked bar at home. You'll be able to save more money in the long-run and avoid those awful, happy hour crowds at the same time. Plus, whenever you want a drink, you can just make one, rather than waving your dollars at an oblivious mixologist more interested in creating the next "viral" cocktail than serving you.

First thing's first, start with the liquor you like and expand on that later. Stock up on the appropriate mixers and invite everyone you know over for your very first "bar-warming" party. After that, your place will become the go-to spot to get cheap, hand-crafted cocktails without the scene. Get more tips by following the link below.

[via Courvoisier]