You're already up to speed on the top American artists to invest in this year

Now, Courvoisier is bringing you another round of emerging artists to watch: European edition. The global art scene is so much bigger than just America, so why limit your art collection to one country? From Germany to Denmark to France, there are a whole host of talented artists offering a unique take on the often monotonous art offerings on display at galleries and festivals.

David Ostrowski is a German artist bringing Minimalism back with his abstract mixed media prints. One cryptic work, “F (A thing is a thing in a whole which it’s not),” recently sold for $142,206 at auction, which certainly proves Ostrowski inspires demand, even if curators aren't sure exactly what they're paying for.

Not only does Jesse Wine have a great artist name, he is reinventing a previously dying medium: sculpture. A recent installation of Wine's combines video with a soil and plaster sculpture, bringing new meaning to "becoming one with the earth." Wine has found a way to keep the art world fresh by bringing technology into the studio. Sign us up.

[via Courvoisier]