Have you seen a happier model than the dude right here posting up all jovial like for BEAMS PLus? I didn't think so. Homie is so jazzed up. It's like he has a personal Tumblr dedicated solely to BEAMS and the company somehow found his blog, hit him up and asked if he'd like to model. Can you even imagine your favorite brand hollering at you to model for their next lookbook? I'm not saying that actually happened here, but it definitely looks like it did. Anyway, the Japanese brand is back with some typical Ivy-inspired pieces mixed in with some military as well. That combination leads to some interesting S/S 15 looks, most notably the cargo shorts layered over slim joggers. That's something I would have tried, like, four years ago when I was first discovering weird layering was a thing that was possible. Though, to be fair, it's a completely fucking ridiculous look. But this is a fun lookbook because it submits a bit to the ridiculousness of the BEAMS signature look—long socks with shorts and prepped up, Ivy fits—while still showing off the clothes and sticking to its expertise, which I guess is pretty much the best of both worlds, nah mean?