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While Boris Bidjan Saberi usually drops his mainline collection during one of the European fashion weeks, he shows off his "11" line on its own, which you can conveniently see here. Most BBS gear is super fucking crazy. Like, you see if here and it looks all flat and shit. Then, when you get up close and see all the weird things you can't see from afar and it's the wildest shit you've ever seen and I mean that in a good way. I remember going to the newish BBS store here in New York and there were little metal tacks on the pants that keep them tapered below the knee and basically every seam on every garment was twisted in some way to provide that very distinct BBS look. I tried wearing a pair of twisted seam pants once and it did not go well. Shit made me look even more malnourished than usual. Anyhow, 11 BBS F/W 15 looks super intense. We might be a bunch of fucking nerds pretty who can't beat up, like, anyone, but you would definitely look like you could end somebody's shit in this gear.