Why does Japan get all the good shit? Once again, North Face Purple Label comes with the heat, so take a minute or two to really absorb this gear, enjoy it, love it and then remember that unless you have the proper plug, you likely won't be able to get it. That's just how it goes sometimes. This is signature Purple Label and I'm not talking about Ralph. S/S 15 moves within that well-established sort of Kapital/Nanamica/visvim style that the brand has become known for. Washed-out blues, creamy beige canvas and some treeline all-over pattern run throughout the collection as signatures along with totes and bags with similar looks. This collection is pretty much for the dude who has extremely good taste and spends most his time reading thought-provoking books, but shuns any and all types of social media. Like, he has a super tight beach house that hangs off a cliff or something with unique foliage surrounding it and could flex on the 'Gram all the fucking time, but never does because he is above the influence. Yeah, pretty much the lifestyle we all strive for, but will never achieve. Fortunately, we realize we have no chance since we can't cop any North Face Purple Label anyway. Learn to be content with your total bummer of a life, fam.

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