Sometimes The Coveteur comes through with a banger that we simply cannot ignore. Yesterday, they brought us this gem: The Style Guy, Glenn O'Brien's closet. The man who was friends with Andy Warhol and started at Interview when Warhol was still publishing it, worked at Rolling Stone, hosted a TV Party with guests like David Bowie and eventually became GQ's renowned Style Guy, O'Brien is a revered figure in more than one area of society and culture. Which is why it's cool to see how he lives.

He's lived in his apartment with his wife since 2001, a lifetime in NYC, and over time it's been filled with an eclectic mixture of stuff like mid-century artwork, pieces from Basquiat, Keds sneakers, more Belgian shoes than you can shake a stick at and relics from his old TV Party days. The man is a venerable mix of culture and taste. Pay your respects and see how he lives just so you can think about trying to emulate it later in life.