Folk are probably one of my favorite brands out there right now. Their shit is always clean, but never simple. There's always some low-key, strategically placed speck of detailing, like the woven trim on the pockets of these cozy boy trousers I copped a minute ago. They seem to put a lot of love into the actual construction of a garment, which is something I think is too often overlooked in 2015 and this particular zip cardigan is absolutely no different. I know your layering game is weak because I can fucking smell it on you. Fix that shit. Embrace the cardigan/bomber hybrid. Drop a couple hundred dollars today and wear it between every shirt and jacket you own for the rest of your fuccboi life. Let it be the meat in your currently bread-only alphet sandwich. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BREAD-ONLY SANDWICH. THAT'S JUST TWO SLICES OF BREAD. Don't Be Two Slices; Be A Sandwich®.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned writer. I guess you could say that he started from the bottom. Haha, that's the spot. You can follow him on Twitter here.