Of all places, The New York Post documented the rise of the Canada Goose parka, the very same parka that has been a required piece of gear for the U.S. Antarctic Program for decades. They're a huge fucking hit in New York City as we speak because they're "stylish" and only have a single sleeve logo.

Everyone from private school students to Wall Street bankers to big-name Hollywood actors (re: rich people) have been spotted in some variation of the Canada Goose parka. Naturally, like the Patagonia movement of late, this is a case of people rediscovering a brand that has been around for years. Founded in 1957 under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd., sales have grown steadily for the past 15 years, especially the last three. Why the sudden spike? BOOBS.

Kate Upton's specifically. When Sports Illustrated put her on the cover of the 2013 Swimsuit Issue in a Canada Goose parka sans bikini top, shit got lit and took off from there. That plus the brand serving as one of the official sponsors of the Sundance Film Festival for the third year running and giving out free gear to directors, CG is on top of the parka world. But beware the wrath of the trend gods, Goose. With so many out there now, you may have saturated the market, according to me, a serious financial/retail analyst.