I've never owned or predict myself owning a piece from Band of Outsiders, but goddamn if the brand doesn't have a loyal following. The stick-thin arms and torso crowd needs a brand to rally behind and BoO seems the be the one. That said, the brand's F/W 15 collection has a little bit of everything, especially for a brand I usually associate with a laser-like focus. Some outerwear feels a little bit like Junya Watanabe with color-blocked panels of green and brown with offset stripes, while other pieces have that contrasting bottom third that looks a little bit like a shark or some other large animal with very sharp teeth bit the shit out of it. In some ways, it almost looks more like a wardrobe for a movie than a normal collection of clothes. Wes Anderson is an easy target for sure, but the color palette along with a Goodyear "BAD YEAR" parody sweatshirt that's straight out of, like, The Royal Tenenbaums or Moonrise Kingdom doesn't help. Shearling got the requisite cosign again with a beefy jacket here and an obvious hardware store motif moves throughout. But if your handyman shows up to your door to fix something wearing Band of Outsiders, you should probably find yourself a cheaper option.