We played matchmaker in the latest Complex, which you'll see posted up here soon enough, but today we need more of your questions for the upcoming April/May issue. We get the "Four Pins should have an app" or "Four Pins should have an entire issue dedicated to it" shit on Twitter all the time (read: twice?). Well, tough luck, kids. The best you're gonna fucking get is two pages in the magazine, albeit the best two pages. So, relish the fact that you get to engage with us online and offline because you should be so lucky. Yeah, it's freezing in NYC today, but transport your mind forward a few months, to days when the sun isn't a frigid bitch and send us your best questions. Some examples may be, but are not limited to:

- Why are mommy and daddy yelling?

- Why is mommy crying?

- Who's Cheryl?

- Is daddy ever coming back?

- Am I the cause of my parents splitting up?

- What's the best way to take advantage of divorced parents?

Anyway, fill up the questions@four-pins.com inbox with anything and everything. And if you're super fucking lazy, you can even leave a comment here and we'll take that under consideration as well, but probably just try to son you in front of everyone.