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Wait, why don't we cover Second/Layer more? Wow, talk about a fatal flaw in the Four Pins brain trust. We need to put measures in place ASAP that will allow us to cover every single dope brand the minute they come out with something new. Like, why the fuck we were unaware that Second/Layer's F/W 14 shit came out and could swallow the entire fucking universe whole with its vacuum of black garments. Just, like, WOW. Look at this. When they're all lined up next to each other, all the black becomes so perfectly overwhelming it almost makes you consider adding in a little bit of color to your wardrobe. But then you realize your soul is dead and black and any sort of color whatsoever would be disingenuous about the person you really are. You need to surround your dubious aura with a coat baggy enough to encapsulate such moodiness. Know thyself. Know your worth. Which is exactly where Second/Layer comes in. Basically, take all your favorite pieces of outerwear—jackets, bombers, topcoats—make them in black and now you're here. Second/Layer F/W 14 has a fit that looks a bit wonky and you're probably afraid to try it on yourself, but you need to push that modicum of rational thought aside and realize you can look like a lookbook in real life, which is exactly what we're all striving for anyway. You can probably (read: definitely) expect this in the next installment of Honest Lookbooks.