“Coming from New York, you kind of feel like you have to do everything,” says Eric West. And man, he certainly does. Actor, artist, writer, and musician—these are but a few vocations West associates with himself in his enduring quest to become the world’s ultimate Renaissance man.

A guy this busy definitely needs some assistance in navigating his day. For West, that’s where his LG G Watch R comes in. As you can see in this three-part series of videos, West relies on his trusty smart watch for most everything in his personal and professional life, from scheduling a meeting with his stylist to finding a good coffee shop, to monitoring his vitals during workouts. Thanks to the LG G Watch R, he can do all of these without even having to reach for his phone.

Truth is, the LG G Watch R has everything an active man like Eric West needs. With a litany of voice commands recognized in nine different languages, it helps you accomplish pretty much anything with a simple flick of the wrist. Its Bluetooth function lets you stream music to any compatible device, while its fitness integration features let you track your steps, heart rate, and other crucial info during a rigorous workout. When paired with a compatible Android smartphone, there’s just so much this little watch can do. And that’s not to mention how good it looks. Its classic design features a high-resolution circular POLED display with stunning image clarity, and its customizable front face lets you match the watch’s aesthetic with pretty much any outfit. For a guy like West, who may start his day in sneakers and end up wearing Tom Ford, that kind of versatility is key—and it's just one of the many reasons the G Watch R is a watch so worthy of his collection.

“I grew up inspired by some of the greats, and they were always changing,” West says. “So, if I can always change, that’s where I want to be.”

For more on how Eric West navigates his day with the help of the LG G Watch R, be sure to check out the videos above. And to get your own, you can hit up www.lg.com/us/gwatchr.