Nanamica is criminally underrated in my opinion. I don't know if I can articulate why I feel that way, but this S/S 15 collection comes pretty close to doing it for me. Nanamica always has beachy, washed colors and loves to use stuff like Gore-Tex. Those colors are never overpowering, but tasteful and done in proper moderation. The designs are never too unorthodox or off-putting, but still stand out. Look, I'm basically saying that if you wear Nanamica, you have very discerning taste and probably a much better life and/or socioeconomic standing than I do. You just had to make me come out and say it, didn't you? I envision myself buying a beach house in this gear because this collection is basically a vision board. But my house wouldn't be near any of the yuppie, rich people communities. Instead, it would be separated from them and closer to the woods so I can get the best of both worlds. You know how you always see rich people wear all-white linen fits on the beach? I would do all-white beach fits too, but in Nanamica gear so the yuppies down the road don't accidentally think I'm one of them.