Assuming you're not an old and were even remotely alive you noticed that yesterday Instagram threw down the hammer of justice on the millions of bot and spam accounts taking up space on the social media photo sharing platform. The resulting purge, #TheHumbling, meant that people's true follower count would finally be revealed and expose anyone who shelled out real, actual currency in an effort gain fake followers and, subsequently, influence. With some of the most popular accounts on Instagram being fashion bloggers, would anyone be publicly shamed for their attempts to look more important and popular than they truly were? Well, the purge was less of a purge and more of a, say, winter cleaning. In fact, nobody in the fashion world took too big of a hit according to Fashionista.

Talking to Fohr Card, a service that connects brands with influential bloggers, their user's Instagrams lost roughly 9% of followers, though 40 accounts lost more than half of their followers. WHO THOUGH? TELL US WHO. Fohr Card unfortunately wouldn't reveal those specifics. However, fashion blogging legend and legit celebrity Bryan Boy admitted to losing more than 200,000, bringing him down from more than 500,000 to a current figure of 366,000. Approximately only 1-2% of fashion influencers lost a large chunk of their followers. So, you're telling me only, like, 1 in 100 fashion 'grammers got sonned? Damn, maybe most of these folks are influential.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest hits came on the biggest names, like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, which likely happened because companies that sell followers tend to follow the largest accounts. Don't worry if you lost a ton, guys. At least you aren't Mase, who lost more than 1.3 million and then promptly deleted his account. Someone isn't feeling so good after all.

For the record, we weathered the storm just fine.