Have you ever had a job where you felt over-worked and under-appreciated? A place where others get all the credit even though you’re the one who has put in the most hours, contributing significantly to the team's success? Of course you have. It’s the American—hell, the universal—way. And if you haven’t, then congratulations because you may be a robot. The truth of the matter is that the people who get recognized on behalf of the team deserve it because they’ve put themselves in the position to take the credit. They’ve put in their time, just like you, and worked their way up to that level of success. Though this takes place in many industries, it's especially on point when discussing the world of fashion. The designers, photographers, and stylists in the industry have earned their rightful spot in the limelight, but what about the people underneath? The ones holding that light for them? 

There are many roles out there that are pivotal to success within the fashion world that go largely un-recognized. And without them, who knows where some of these industry leaders would be?