Well, all you Cool Teens™ and smokers trying to quit out here, I hope you're fucking happy. Because of your e-cigs and pocket vaporizers, the word "vape" was chosen as the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year. Can you believe this shit? "Vape" joins the hallowed halls of the world's foremost book of words because of your tendency to dramatically vape while wearing dope coats. Though, it did beat out the likes of "bae," "slacktivism," and "Normcore" for the honor, which, I guess is a good thing. Those are super fucking weak words. Apparently, we are 30 times more likely to say the word "vape" today than we were two years ago. Shit, maybe it is pretty popular.

But really? "Vape"? We seriously came up with nothing better than "vape" in the past 365 days? Stacked up against past winners like "selfie" (2013), "gif" (2012), "unfriend" (2009) and "podcast" (2005), "vape" is wildly under-qualified. Whatever. Vape on vapers. You win. I guess a celebratory vape is in order.

The ALPHET 2015 campaign starts tomorrow.