Holy '60s British Rock, Batman. Topman's S/S 15 collection looks like it went back in time, raided Keith Richards's closet and brought it to the future. Shit is really wild. Like, doing-psychedelic-drugs-while-sitting-around-a-campfire-behind-a-gas-station-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-casually-snacking-on-mushrooms wild. Topman is British, so the influence make sense, I guess. There's a whole lot of patterning, some dusty pastels and a vital inclusion of fringe. I'm sure there are some more subdued pieces to come, but Topman clearly did not want to show those off since it had these weirdo bangers in the chamber. There's legit fucking bell bottoms in here, fam. That's really a trend I could do without. But here we are. It's not all craziness, though. There's still a few dope pieces, like the destroyed dad jeans and the Celine-esque printed shirts ripe for the three years too late Kanye stan.