Trends come and go, and the way guys dress has evolved over the decades. One thing that's stayed consistent is menswear's color palette. A century ago, and a hundred years from now, black, white, gray, navy, and Army green remain as the foundation of a stylish guy's closet. These colors have stood the test of time in men's wardrobes, and it's nearly impossible to find a garment that doesn't come in one (if not all) of these options.

Menswear has always had a close relationship with the military—everything from cargo pants to duffle bags have their roots in the practicality and function required by soldiers. While not every garment comes straight from the army, you can bet that army green (also known as olive drab or sage green) is a color that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You don't need to sign up for training camp to appreciate military innovation, and army green definitely one of them. From bombers to boots, this is Menswear Color Week: 15 Essential Items in Menswear's Favorite Color, Army Green.