Cara Delevingne is leaving the modeling world behind to focus on her blossoming acting career. In an interview with WWDthe actress said that with her heavy filming schedule modeling "has definitely become more on the back burner."

Delevingne told the publication that she is going to devote her energy to building her acting career. "I’m just going to be taking my time and doing things that I really care about, you know, parts that I really enjoy,” she said. Delevingne is already slated to appear in six films next year, including The Face of an Angel, based on Amanda Knox's story; London Fields, in which she'll star alongside Johnny Depp; Tulip Fever; Pan, with Hugh Jackman; and the next John Greene novel adaptation, Paper Towns

This is in addition to Delevingne's rumored roles in upcoming DC Comics flick Suicide Squad and Zoolander 2where she'll hopefully cement herself as the best actor slash model, and not the other way around.

Delevingne is ​taking a break from a career that has been very lucrative for her. Dazed is reporting that she currently makes £6,500 (roughly $10,300) daily from modeling deals. 

[via WWD]