People who listen to jazz are the worst. The only reason I say that is because the points all jazz devotees bring up are so nonsensical that they make me want to kill myself, not, in fact, to listen to jazz music. "It's about the notes they're not playing." How the fuck does that even make any sense? Bespoken is basically the opposite of jazz, which is the reason I bring it up. What I'm trying to say is that their S/S 15 collection hits all the right notes. Of course, with a brand name that's basically the word "bespoke," you have to expect some suits and tailoring, well-represented here alongside some equally super clean renditions on bomber jackets and other forms of outerwear. And yes, floral was huge a couple of seasons ago, but that bright, colorful version has died out. Subtle, grey palm tree-like floral though? That shit is still cool, so why not drop that shit on a pajama shirt and call it a day?