Perhaps while cruising through your Tumblr feed, you've seen images of mysterious individuals, dripped in Nike and Adidas, literally covered head-to-toe in fitness gear and workout apparel. While the movement into layered dark sportswear may have started with street goths this is something slightly different—the health goth.

Both a parody and a subculture, the health goth movement is all about toning your body in the most emotional, melancholy way possible. A combination of tech fabrics and sad boys, a health goth's hardships are found not on the streets, but in navigating the normally empowering world of the gym. Whether it's sweating in a combination Rick Owens and Y-3 workout kit, or glaring at friendly gym employees, the life of a health goth is not devoid of its own struggles, even if you're incredibly in shape.

If your gym playlist consists of death metal and Yung Lean, you wear at least four layers and a facemask before you hit the treadmill, and your "fitspo" is Rick Owens, these depressing realities may sound way too familiar. These are The 10 Struggles of Being a Health Goth.