It appears there is only one thing that can trump Kanye West's hatred for the paparazzi: dope style. The rapper was taking a cab in New York City when he saw the photographer's sweatshirt and instantly got out of the vehicle to take multiple pictures of the garment and pose with the man. 

The interaction began with Kanye merely pointing from his cab saying, "Nice sweater" and later telling him to "turn around real quick" so he could get a shot of the back. Of course, the paparazzo walked over to Ye and posed. Who wouldn't? 

Kanye's previous run-ins with paparazzi have rarely ended well, and even inspired the line, "I hate these n***** more than a Nazi."  It's possible, though, that Kanyewho is currently working on designing clothes, is looking for inspiration wherever he can get it. 

The rocket-themed sweater is made by D9 Reserve, and is currently available at the brand's webstore. For a reasonable $135, it might be your best way to have a chance encounter with 'Ye. 

Watch the video here.

[via TMZ]