A few Internet fiends have told me to put down the keyboard, so ya boy booked a cozy 40 day and 40 night vacation to rap heavily offline with tha gawd Yahweh, specifically about my new desert boots. Then, I met up with my rabbi this past weekend during Yom Kippur aka the holiest day of the whole fucking year and he prophesied to me that the fashion game would be in urgent need of my unwavering critical guidance during these times.

Playboys, today I would like to announce my return to the fashion game alongside a more famous antisemitic figure named John Galliano. Even though my rabbi doesn't know much about this fuccboi, ya boy Scooby knows a hell of a lot and best believe ya boy is fucking furious. Some people on the outside of the high-fashion society that I belong to have offered plenty of praise for Galliano's second coming also known as a second chance. I call it a second chance because, evidently, Yahweh is gracious and this pirate boy is getting a lot of grace at the moment. Teen idol Mr. Kanye "Yeezus" West, a well known talker and wearer of clothes, has even used the power of social media to alert his 10 million followers that Galliano back. However, ya boy is still fucking furious simply out of love for the game, ju heard?

Second comings are strictly for the majestic messiahs types. The fact that this fool Galliano got a second chance tells me that a few screws are loose over at Margiela's maison. In an Official Statement™ from the squad, Renzo Rosso, the president of Margiela's parent company said, "Margiela is ready for a new charismatic creative soul. John Galliano is one of the greatest, undisputed talents of all time—a unique, exceptional couturier for a Maison that always challenged and innovated the world of fashion." Of all time? Word? Is Kanye still working as a fashion intern, ghostwriting press releases and getting designs denied

The crib of Margiela has always been true to delivering a steady stream of crack to the fashion boulevard, but Galliano's face is wayyy too turnt up and draws in wayyy too much heat. So how the fuck can triple M want a creative director attention whore when the label is only a bunch of numbers and faceless designers wearing white lab coats? I wont talk about the boy's personal stumbles and bumbles, but I do pray they put this damn fool in a straight jacket before they let him touch any of the fucking needles or threads.

Scooby Wu is a private investigator usually seen sauntering in the streets of London and pissing on the doorstep of 221B Baker St. London NW1 6XE England. You can troll him in the comments below and follow him on Twitter here.