Iggy Azalea and boyfriend Nick Young have booked the starring roles in the Holiday ad campaign for fast-fashion retailer Forever 21. 

Although Azalea, who has been with modeling agency Wilhelmina since 2012, has appeared in other campaigns before, the LA Lakers player was a little surprised to find that "photo shoots are hard work too," Azalea told People. Young was his usual confident self, though, saying “Nothing [was hard], I’m Swaggy! It comes natural!" In Young's defense, the two did appear in a GQ photo shoot together earlier this year, so he's not completely new to the game. Either way, this is a pretty big get for Forever 21. 

So far, the couple appears in just two photos together, including one she uploaded to her Instagram with the caption "Nick and I are the new faces of Forever21." However, an image of them behind a video camera suggests that we should see a lot more of Swaggy P and Azalea in the upcoming months. 

[via People]

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