I really, really hope you're aware of Death To Tennis. It's a brand that's been on my radar for the past two years or so after seeing it stocked in a few select retailers like C'H'C'M' and everything they do always impresses me. We revile the term "with a twist," but DTT gives simple garments just that: a nice little twist to keep them interesting and us paying attention. Take the navy blazer in slide 4. It looks totally normal from the front, but pop a 180 and you'll see the enormous vent/slit that skies all the way to your shoulders. And peep the trousers with the super wide pleat in the last slide. Again, they're all pretty simple pieces overall, but with modifications made here and there. If you can't see the tweak, it might very well be the liner—DTT loves to drop a wild floral interior on a lot of its outerwear. The brand's signature overshirt is also on display in slide 7 with those ultra wide pockets and ribbed collar. Honestly, it's one of the better overshirts in the game right now. Keep an eye out as this stuff hits shelves early next year.