There's something bout the four-button double breasted closure that doesn't sit right with me. I'm so used to the six-button version that any coats with four just looks incomplete. I gotta have those buttons on my nipples, dude. OK, that didn't come out right. But even while I don't really like four-button DBs, this one from Casely-Hayford has enough redeeming qualities that it can survive without the nip buttons. What I also like about this is that it's a sort of imitation buffalo plaid. Buffalo plaid as a pattern is pretty played out at this point. Every designer championed buffalo checks the past few months and before those designs even hit shelves they were wack. While this jacket features a similar color scheme, the pattern is eclectic and wacky enough to not be grouped in with the buffalo plaid fuccbois of the world. Sneaky work there, Casely-Hayford. Anyway, this is a dope coat because it's not too heavy and is made of an exotic alpaca-acrylic blend. Could you take any more polar opposite fabrics and put them together? I imagine it plays out like when doctors put an organ into a different body: the alpaca rejects the acrylic and tries to get away because the acrylic is so fake. Either way, I bet it's really fucking soft and would be a perfect outer layer when it's, like, 45 degrees out.

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