You may have heard of Waraire Boswell. You may have not. Well, he's one of those guys that makes custom suits for NBA players like Tyson Chandler, LeBron and Chris Bosh, since they can't just stroll into Men's Wearhouse and pick a suit up of the rack that will fit them. He started is own eponymous label because he—would ya look at that—is also NBA-sized, standing 6'7" over all the haters. Anyhow, Boswell teamed up with Grover, a clothing company well known for its reliable basics, for a capsule collection set to release this weekend at Steven Alan stores across the country. Based on the photos over at Hypebeast, the collection features some really, really strong band collar long shirts and slim sweatpants, with everything coming in just two colors: black and natural. If you're also of the taller persuasion, or maybe just want an really long shirt that you can sleep in, you'll be able to pick up tall sizes from Waraire's webstore on release day (the 27th).