Though I'm not sure cargos were ever really gone since they were revived a few years ago, they are most assuredly back. And the homies at UPXUNDR are here to reassure that fact with a new duo of cargos to float your boat. If you're stuck at home this Friday night because you spent all your money on jawnz and have subsequently burned every single bridge in your entire life like me, you'll be able to pick up these updated cargo pants tonight at 8pm. What's dopest about these is how stoner-friendly they are. The elastic waist-drawstring combination is perfect for fluctuating waistlines and the cargo pockets can hold at least ten Ho Hos and three Arizona iced teas. Did you guys have a signature stoner snack in high school? Mine were pepperoni Hot Pockets (obviously), but I also made peanut butter and banana sandwiches in a skillet served with a cold glass of milk on the side. When you become an adult, that stoner ingenuity really goes out the window and we just settle for a quick stop at the bodega for some basic ass junk food. But, oh man, back in the day? The snacking game was untouchable.