In the rare instance I look up workwear/Americana brands, Tender Co. always stands out. To be honest, the hardest thing about this fashion business is actually taking a long, hard look in the mirror and giving yourself a label. Is your style more goth ninja or workwear? It's kind of like a nickname. You can't just give yourself a fucking nickname. It doesn't work like that, fam. You have to let others get to know you and learn your habits and tastes before handing down a nickname that has naturally evolved with the relationship as they see fit. Similarly, anyone close to me knows that I'm definitely not a workwear guy. But, damn, when Tender gives a denim jacket the People's Elbow and straight up bodies a perfectly executed joint like this, you shirk labels all together for the sake of fashion solidarity. This jacket is dyed with "logwood," a flowering tree native to Central America, so it has a really unique look that's not quite blue, not quite grey. You can even remove the brass buttons and stash them in the huge hip pockets, basically turning this thing into a noragi. Also, notice that the buttons don't even extend to lower half of the jacket. That's right, it comes preset to auto-cholo.