I'm not 100% sure what's going on with this Public School cotton bomber, but I do know that it has a matte finish, which means you can move secretly through the night and not worry about a stray streetlight catching your fit and exposing it to all the thirsty bros chain-smoking cigarettes outside the bar discussing how waxed their fantasy football team got last weekend. If only Cam Newton wasn't fucking injured, bro. The simple fact is, you'd rather not have your dope fit exposed on a night out because all those basic bros outfitted in Polo tees, khaki shorts and boat shoes, who still have their sunglasses on at 1am because "the sun never sets on a legend," will tell you how hard you're trying. That's why this bomber is great: It's simple with no noticeable frills bar the fire sleeve pocket. Set your fit to incognito. I think you're gonna live to see another day.