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I've really reached the tipping point with sweaters. It takes a lot for me to be even just be like, "Yo, this is a super fucking sick sweater." I think that's because I'm a complete plastic and judge everything based on first impressions. When it comes to shirts and pants, there's pockets, zippers and weird hems that help each one really stand out. But if you fuck around with a sweater too much, shit goes haywire real quick, real fucking quick. All of a sudden, there's a third sleeve and you're not sure where to put your arms. Fortunately, when your knits are in good hands, you end up with a color-blocked rendition that has a little dash of spice, like this Ovadia & Sons joint. You see those red hot red cuffs, fam? Wow, poke those out of a nice navy or grey overcoat and—holy fucking shit—you'll look so tight butthole. People would think you have a bright red sweater on underneath, but when you take off your coat, they'll see it's mostly navy and have a stroke as a result. Wear with caution.