Oh, you don't know about Ones Stroke? That's a real bummer, bro. You're missing out on quite a lot, like this reversible grey crew neck, which plenty of people more qualified than myself would say is an "essential" for your wardrobe. And I'm not about to debate that. Grey crew necks are pretty dope. Naturally, Ones Stroke made a version that's better than good. This one has a wider neck opening with no ribbing that gives it a different look than, day, your typical J.Crew offering. It even has side seam pockets, and you know already how we feel about that shit around these parts. Then, there's the reverse side. Usually, a reversible item has one super ill side and one side that is pretty fucking wack and you never end up wearing. On this one though, the reversible side is made of windbreaker nylong and has a pouch pocket. That's so much better than your typical reverse side. Shit, the only thing wrong with this that I could find is the numerical Japanese sizing that's more confusing than quantum physics. I have no idea if Ones Stroke even makes sleeves long enough to accommodate even the most average of arm lengths. I guess there's only one way to find out: COP.