Nigel Cabourn's aesthetic is very much the opposite of mine. As in, I'm not a rural dweller. I don't usually need an enormous puffy parka to stay warm because even in the coldest depths of winter, I pretty much rotate between various places with heating. Cabourn customers, on the other hand, are unafraid to get out there, spend a TON of money and end up looking like George Costanza in the name of keeping warm. I imagine them to be two types of people occasionally rolled into one: steezy old dudes and hunters. Sometimes those two blend together and you get a dude who looks like he'd murder a living human to get his hands on a sick piece of outerwear *cough* slide 4 *cough*. Seriously, what is on that dude's trench? Is that moose blood? It's gotta be moose blood. Granted, you're also getting into another realm of spendiness with Nigel Cabourn. There are seriously parkas in here that are at least four months worth of rent. That's pretty rad. You can pick up a good amount of the diesel F/W 14 collection on the company's website right now.