We can always count on Jimmy Kimmel for a good trolling, whether it's real or not. So, in typical Kimmel fashion, he sent a crew to Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week for a second time to interview some of the attendees. The interviewers dropped in fake designer names and details that don't exist to see who knew what they were talking about and who was talking out their ass. Included in the line of questioning: Chandler Bing (of Friends), Betsy Ross (the creator of the American flag), your favorite wine coolers (Bartles & Jaymes) and even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. TBH that last one is really mean because it totally sounds like it could be an Italian womenswear designer who makes flowing gowns and I doubt more than 10% of the population could name who he is to begin with.

One fellow said he covers fashion week for his newspaper (LMAO) in Mexico and he still said he knew about Betsy Ross. For him, her signature use of stars and stripes "are never enough." Homie, this is your fucking job. You gotta be better than this. Then there's the dude in the metallic trim denim jacket that followed all the leads and ended up saying Bartles & Jaymes was "refreshing." Well, at least he isn't lying about that.